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Product lifecycle management tools built specifically for high growth CPG brands and manufacturers

Built by enterprise software veterans with help from F&B professionals at industry-leading firms

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The definitive source of product truth for food and beverage

Product nutrition
Product management
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Nutritional Analysis and Nutritional Fact Panel (NFP) Generation

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FDA and USDA nutritional data

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Comprehensive macro and micronutrient calculation

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Compare theoretical nutritional calculations to lab-tested results

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Recipe & Formula Creation

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Compare theoretical nutritional calculations to lab-tested results

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Robust version history and collaboration functionality

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Audits, approvals, and stage gate management

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Health Claims & Certifications

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Ensure every formula and ingredient meets standards for government health claim and 3rd party certifying bodies

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Automatically get suggestions on what claims & certifications a formula qualifies for

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Proactive flags if a new ingredient or supplier violates standards

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Helping brands and manufacturers launch new products efficiently and proactively manage their existing portfolio

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SKUsafe is the single source of product truth your business needs, from granular ingredient-level detail to high level portfolio management.

Ease of Use

We are the only modern product lifecycle management tool for small and mid-market food & beverage companies and our user experience reflects this.

Proactive Claims and Certifications

SKUsafe automatically compares formulas to the requirements of government regulatory guidelines (e.g., "low sodium") and 3rd party certification bodies (e.g., vegan).


Seamless product teamwork across operations, R&D, quality, and sales & marketing. Dedicated portals and administrative restrictions by team and by user.

Error Reduction

No more messy Excel spreadsheets and manual input mistakes.

About SKUsafe

SKUsafe is a brand new enterprise software platform serving the food & beverage CPG industry. Our mission is to give brands and manufacturers robust internal product transparency so they can deliver the external transparency that consumers expect and deserve.

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Meet the Founders

Our team is passionate about serving and improving the food & beverage industry with best-in-class software

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JP Gschwind
CEO & Founder

JP has deep experience in enterprise software startups serving manufacturing, distribution and CPG businesses from his time at Fractal, an early stage venture firm. Prior to Fractal, JP was a management consultant at Bain & Company. JP is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a lifelong fan of the Fighting Irish.

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Rafal Stapinski
CTO & Founder

Raf is a serial entrepreneur and product-oriented engineer in the enterprise software and food & beverage space. He was a senior member of the engineering team at SeatGeek and previously founded a software startup serving food & beverage distributors. Raf is a graduate of Rutgers University and a dedicated NYC pizza connoisseur (ask him for recommendations).

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our products and services

What kinds of businesses and users does SKUsafe serve? Is this the right fit for me?

SKUsafe serves small and mid-market food & beverage CPG businesses.

Our primary users are the operations, R&D, and quality, and sales & marketing teams.

How much does SKUsafe cost?

SKUsafe has an annual software-as-a-service (SaaS) billing model. For an individual price quote, please request a demo with our team.

Does SKUsafe provide implementation support and training?

SKUsafe provides full implementation support and training. Depending on customer needs, SKUsafe can help migrate data from existing systems.

Will SKUsafe integrate with my existing systems?

Most SKUsafe users find they need limited integrations to existing systems. However, our team can provide integration support during our implementation process as needed.

Can I get a case study on an existing SKUsafe customer or speak directly to a customer for a reference?

Please contact us for any case study or customer reference requests. Customer confidentiality is a priority, but we can share materials on customers who have opted into sharing information.

What kind of security protocols and 3rd party audits does SKUsafe follow?

Customer information security is a top priority and SKUsafe is constantly evaluating certification standards and best practices. Please contact our team directly or visit our security page for the latest updates

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