[Last Updated October 25, 2023]

SKUsafe is committed to maintaining industry-standardized security practices and providing our customers with a secure platform for storing sensitive data and documents.

[Data Transmission]

Our applications encrypt all data being sent between your browser and our services with TLS/SSL. Data between our services is sent from within the same private network so it is never exposed to the public internet.

[Authentication & Authorization]

SKUsafe uses the OAuth specification to ensure that only verified actors within your organization are able to access your data.

[Logging and Monitoring]

We actively monitor and log all our services for performance and security.

[Incident Response]

We have processes in place to respond to degraded performance and security events which include escalation procedures, rapid mitigation, and communication.

[Cloud Hosting Security]

All our services and data are hosted on DigitalOcean on datacenters located exclusively within the United States. Please refer to DigitalOcean for their security policies: